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I am a graduate of Yale University with a Master's degree in English.
I can be reached at Additional info at
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This is an original English or Shakespearean sonnet on the broad subject of music. I hope that readers will enjoy it. If so or even if not, I would appreciate hearing comments. Thank you ahead of time.
A letter of complaint about difficulties in setting and operating an inexpensive digital wristwatch from Timex
A letter of application for a teaching position written by a recent college grad who somehow passed with high honors.
Letter describing attempts to follow instructions of Timex chronograph
A close analysis of a poem written in the 1940s. Special consideration of language which in recent years causes knee-jerk, negative reactions.
A brief description of noteworthy aspects of the famiiy dog.
A description of rhymed verse of what makes our puppy special and notable.
A pair of poems about my dog. They are being submitted to a contest.
A look at the paired songs "Winter" and "Spring" from William Shakespeare's comedy Love's Labour's Lost.
A mythical speaker discusses which of the nine muses to select for his Junior Prom date.
A 40-minute wait at a train station results in an argument between a young woman referred to as Jig and her male American companion.
A study of the subtle humor incorporated in Peter de Vries' story "Afternoon of a Faun" from the collection Without a Stitch in Time.
A close analysis of the poem that made T. S. Eliot famous.
A description of a Catholic priest who was a high school glee club director and religion teacher at St. Anthony's of Long Beach, California.
Comparison of the use of metaphor to the use of literal truth in prose and poetry.
A pun-filled poem using names of cheeses as the rhyme words.
A whimsical poem involving 75 to 80 varieties of fish and undersea life.
A day-by-day recording of an ischemic stroke. Day one after hospital is written in lower case because I only had one usable arm. Recovery therapy described.
The life of Thomas Lanier (Tennessee) Williams, the Glass Menagerie as semi-autobiography, and Williams' death in a New York City hotel.
A look at some of the social satire in Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.'s stories.
An imitation of Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal aimed at rectifying the spelling and usage differences between American and British language.
Description of my imaginary garden replete with flowers whose names have meaning.
An analysis of Tennyson's brief poem taking into consideration parallel structure, reasons for personification, versification, trochaic substitution, mythological suggestions.
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