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My hobby is writing articles about things I mostly observed and interested about. I have always wanted to contribute something and to serve as an inspiration especially to the youth of today.
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Everyone have dreamed about growing old with somebody they truly love. So many memories are to be remembered together for the remaining times of your lives. And most importantly, your love between you and your lifetime partner is to be cherish the most.
Beauty of a person is not only seen by their physical attributes but also through that person's attitude towards life.
True story of friendship that everybody could ask for. It involves 4 people who obviously became friends for almost 7 years. They have been through different tests of friendship such as not having enough opportunity not to see each other very often because of their busy schedules and ...
Whether it involves, antiques, reading materials such as books, novels, or newspaper articles, different kinds of card, even receipts from buying or just eating outside, old money and other things that people may tend to collect because they are only interested into collecting it.
These are some ways you could conserve water. Using Soap suds from washing clothes might help you reduce your wastage of using another batch of clean water in your homes. Instead of throwing away the used water after you washed your clothes, you just have to reuse it for cleaning purp...
A girl named Michelle searches and hopes to find true love that will last a lifetime. She encounters lots of twist and turns in her life as she find the right guy she would really truly love and will accept her for who really she was.
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