David Tsegai

David Tsegai
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Hi, I am David.

Recently, I opened my own Real Estate Agency and I must say, I love the job! If you want to know more about me and my job, check my website at http://calgaryrealestate.ca!
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Is there any need for us to worry about the economic instability of our country, isn't the most distressing part over and done with now? Unfortunately, this is not the time to become confident with ourselves; the challenges facing the Canadian economy are more widespread that we compr...
Even if you're a first time home buyer or have made several purchases in the past, buying a home involves big decisions. One of them is: should you think about purchasing a brand new home instead of a home that's been lived in by others?
The largest difference when selling a home to an investor is not forgetting you are not selling to a consumer but to another business. When selling the property you can frequently increase the price by making is aesthetically agreeable to the probable buyer
Everyone who wants to sell their home is looking for the best price and the best terms they can. There are many things that impact on the sale price of a property, but what few people understand is that it really doesn't matter how much to paid for it or how much it would cost to rebu...
The Toronto Board of Trade (TBT) recently published its annual Scorecard on Prosperity. Comparing the overall appeal, “liveability”, and their speed of economic growth across 24 most prominent cities around the globe, this survey tries to appraise the cities using fairly objective...
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