Andrina Cahyadi

Andrina Cahyadi
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I'm just simple person and I hate to wait about anything if it too long. I always positive thinking of anything so that I can do everything even if it too impossible ! I like challenge,Nice to meet u all.
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This story about how much the girl love her dad, so right now you must love anyone esspecially your daddy . and how a blind person more appreciate the life.Thank's
this poem about life, love, friendship, about ourselves too. Don't wait again, read now ! Thank's
This is a description about ourselves. But you read in the beauty words. So,let's go read !!
This is sad story, when I read this I know my tears had fall. So,you must prepare tissues beside you, because I can't stand to not cry. This child very pure and innocent... Happy reading !!
This is just prediction about what happening in 2012.. So, you can believe it or not. I just inform you about anything that I knew, in order we have same knowledge. And this article also followed by trusted researched !! Thank you guys.
This page will tell us about how the fetus can grow up in the mom's body and how care he/she to the mom. in the end, the baby killed by the mom. but, the baby still love mom.
You can find anything about love from fall in love and broken heart. so,read now. Thank's
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