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As a traveler, I always wonder nature.
I enjoy the functional energy of the universe. I am trying to get in tune with.
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Understanding self is one major problem and making others to understand you is another major task.
Thoughts are very powerful, all our reasons and purpose starts and ends with our thoughts.
This article mainly focus on how to keep our body in good health.
The meaning of life is definitely not the number of days between birth and death.
There is no need to work hard all the time; hard work is not the key for success. You need to work smart.
Healthy body has healthy mind. What you see is what you believe.
Your actions; define your life. Each one is unique; and everyone is ignorant, only on different subjects. Your conviction, defines your standards.
Everything starts and ends with Self. If we can't understand ourselves, we can never understand the system of universe and its functional energy.
You are the master of your life. You choose your life,your path and your destination.
By choosing your focus, you choose your life. You need to tune your body and your senses.
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