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I am from a small island called Trinidad and Tobago. I love writing and i take it seriously.Most of my work is straight from the heart whilst others require some soul searching.
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Recent pages by Pink&Blue

This is an article on recent events that took place in my country. Very nasty events...
The woes of the Muslim community in my country has become apparent.
This poem is when you realise how much that special person appreciates you as well.
A tribute to my favourite superhero. He is passive and depicts both darkness and light... He is the Batman.
Meme is in trouble as her mother suspects something is up...
This article was inspired by a day I spent at the zoo with my kids.
This article is to provide some delicious recipes used in the sour fruit tamarind.
This is in reminiscent of those attractions that can only be savoured.
This is a poem dedicated to my Friend Gemma St. John. She got a seizure attack and accidently pulled a pot of boiling water on herself. This is her in the hospital after surgery. 20% of her body was burnt. She still hasn't got a place to call home...
This article is to inform persons of who they can go to when it comes to child abuse
Jesus was known for his astounding miracles when he walked the earth. Here is one of my personal favorites...
This is my sad goodbye to Wikinut and well loved friends.
This is the true story of Ms. Jemma St John who has been disabled since the tender age of 16.
Here is a short guide to my twin isle ~ Tobago. Tobago is a wonderful vacation spot and I promise you won't regret it...
Folklore in my country is highly superstitious and some of them are frightening. Here we look at a few ...don't get too scared reading this.
Here in Trinidad the Sunday lunch is observed as an important one for Trinidadian families. Here is our most loved Sunday menu.
Meme negotiates with the witch, but the ugly witch wants something precious from her in return of her request.
Here in the Caribbean punches are well loved and here is a favorite when it comes to punches.
This poem is dedicated to my fellow Wikinutter Steve Kinsman.
The local flavor and aroma of this fruit is so delicious you will can't resist it.
Meme musters all her courage and enters the basement doors to visit the sinister creature that lives there.
Near death experiences are real to the person that experiences them. I found the stories to be very fascinating and when one experiences it they claim to fear death no more.
The siblings must leave their magical friend but they promise to soon return.
Danny and Meme make the ultimate move to step into the painting to see if Bell was telling the truth.
Meme and her brother enter the mysterious house to discover something astounding awaiting them.
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