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A college teacher and a retired banker. Happily married to a firefighter and presently taking care of our three beautiful daughters.
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Some diseases may be cured without medicine. Rest, good food and some home remedies are often enough for our body to fight off infection and to regain our strength.
Unfortunately not everybody has the ability to enjoy and always experience the comfort of a good night sleep. Seems sleep is not relaxing and restful for some people due to sleep problems like insomnia.
Among the vices or bad habits that family members must avoid because they are harmful to family's health are drinking alcohol, smoking, and taking carbonated beverages like sodas or soft drinks.
Marriage is a tall and great order and responsibility, so it is best to marry at the right age, for immature and young couple might make a mess of it.
As Christians, it is important for us to know the deeper meaning of the ten commandments and its implications to our life today.
While lots of writing sites are gone and invisible, Wikinut is one of the sites that stays here for us for longer time, and surely for a lifetime. Here we can write anything, share everything, and earn cash.
Ecosystems is the complex of a community of organisms and its environment functioning as an ecological unit. --Source: Merriam-Webster Dictionary. We really need to protect the world's natural ecosystems for various reasons.
Mars One Mission is putting forward plans to land the first human beings on Mars and establish a permanent human colony in there by 2025.
The word “Karma” is the idea of action or deed. It is comprehended as the entire cycle of cause and effect originated in India and was considered in the Hindu, Jain, Buddhist and Sikh Religions. In various times, it was repeatedly elaborated in different interpretations but with s...
I just want to thank Wikinut admin and moderators for giving me a star page badge in some of my articles. This achievement motivates me to write and publish more articles and become more active in this site.
A Las Vegas Filipino-American taxi driver being exalted for returning $300,000 left by a gambler in the backseat of his cab.
This is an update of Macaulay Culkin's life who was once became a famous child actor but had been into various drug addiction. His adult career could not match the blockbuster success of his childhood.
Aloe Vera is widely used in many countries as traditional herbal medicine and in cosmetics and alternative medicine industries as being marketed of having various healing, rejuvenating and soothing properties.
The expensive jewelry created by the House of Cartier in 1928 and being named after Bhupinder Singh, the ruling Maharaja of the State of Patiala in India. The Patiala Necklace is the most expensive jewelry in the world that sold for $25 Million in 1948.
I read in the international news that year 2013 was one of the hottest years as recorded by the experts and it ranks as the seventh warmest years since 1850.
I am very glad in receiving my payment in this site as well as I am so grateful for the admin in sending my first payment automatically.
At the heights of their fame and career, these celebrities were known as the most famous and successful stars of their generation. Unfortunately, they ruined and destroyed their lives as well as their looks due to drug addiction, excessive drinking of alcohol and heavy smoking.
Red wine is made from dark-coloured (black) grape varieties.The truly existing colour of the wine can be sorted from intense violet for young wines, brick red for mature wines and brown for older red wines.
Diet soda is very acidic and it readily dissolves enamel. Drinking three or more diet sodas a day can have worse dental health and had far greater tooth decay, more missing teeth, and more fillings.
A Korean model who was obsessed with silicone injections and was addicted to plastic surgery resorted to inject her face with cooking oil.
This is not the latest news and maybe some of you have seen it already since it went viral for sometimes now. I was just amazed and touched of the news and video that's why I posted it here.
He is an American actor broadly known as Kevin McCallister in "Home Alone" and "Home Alone 2: Lost in New York." He was also known of his role in "Richie Rich." At the height of his career and fame, he was considered as the most successful child actor of all times.
This vehicle is a rolling tribute to excess and wealth. The price amounting to $3 million, it's certainly cheaper and more comfortable than a jet. It is called the most expensive motor home in the world.
Our body is a complex machine. To make it work properly, we need a steady supply of nutrients and minerals working together harmoniously to promote growth and good health.
Illuminati (plural illuminatus) is a Latin word which means "enlightened." It was said that the Illuminati is the liberators of the human race and their mission is to set the humanity free from the enemy for they are the last and only hope for the human being.
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