Pradeep Kumar B

Pradeep Kumar B
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I live in Tiruvalla, a small town in the state of Kerala, in India. I am an electrical engineer and I love to write.
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Some electronic devices like TV, computer and cell phone have become an integral part of our life. They have made this planet a much more comfortable place to live in. But, have they made us less humane?
In childhood, everyone has many heroes. The first hero of a boy in his childhood days is none other than his father himself. To him, his father knows everything; his father is all-powerful to do anything in this world. As he grows, he finds other heroes.
In this post I am writing about my native place Thiruvalla, also spelt Tiruvalla. Thiruvalla is in the State of Kerala, in south India. It comes under the area known as central Travancore. Travancore was a small kingdom which existed before India got independence from British Rule in ...
We all know what tiredness is. And all of us have experienced it many a time. It comes and then goes after sometime. But if it persists and becomes a real problem, what does it indicate? Read on to know more.
When you reach middle age, the thought of getting into old age turns into a nightmare, why? It is because we see the sufferings and the pathetic life of many of the old people around us. On reaching the point called old age, many, though not all, people tend to think that they have re...
Have you heard of Kumarakom? If you are an enthusiastic tourist and if you know something about the tourist spots in India, you must have heard of Kumarakom also. It is in south India, in the state of Kerala. The main attractions here are the backwater expanse and the houseboats that ...
Afternoon nap or siesta is generally known as a trade mark of lazy fellows. But the concept is changing. Now it is becoming accepted that siesta is good for your health and it makes you more energetic, bright and sharp.
Stage fright is something most of us experience. One cannot get rid of it totally. You can only manage it and keep it from getting the better of you.
I like to write and thought of starting online publishing. I found out a suitable platform in Wikinut. I was a little unsure and hesitant to make a start. This is my first article at Wikinut and the story of how I overcame my initial hesitation and finally kicked off.
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