Priyanka Bhowmick

Priyanka Bhowmick
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Technology blogger and published poet.
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Websites providing vast knowledge and information are quite helpful for any age group. The amount of information they provide gives us a clear knowledge about a subject.
an untold story of an old man who sits everyday by the plains.
A few infos and guides on shortening down your link url's.
Some questions keep knocking the mind.....
A prayer to my Almighty for everything he has given us.
Some thoughts that came out of of their secrecy watching a long lighthouse.
When the days turn dark and the night more darker, a ray of hope is what we believe in.
The wretchedness of a heart, the pain twinges my soul every moment.
Now you can update your twitter, facebook, myspace and other social networks together all at once. See how!
Tips on how can you update your social networks with your blog feeds.
Due to unwanted virus, malware or virus alert websites, sometimes we want to block that particular site but we find no option. Lets see how we can block those sites.
We waste a lot of junk foods often.. can't we try not to waste them??
Do not try to hold it in your hands.. Let it go on, let it move on..
Earn millions, work from home, free data entry jobs- They shout like anything to grab our attention.
A note to the breeze, to take me away with it, in the silence.
The Rupee symbol, finally in keyboard and mobile.
Life of a tree compared with the life of a human being.
A poem about a day in my life, how it is spend in laziness as well as excitement.
Want to make your blog good looking?? Here are a few tips.
63 years of Independent India, but are we really Independent??
A day cleaning up my messed up house, which is really so tiring job.
A day when the rage of autumn wind trespassed me.
This is an article about a few wild acts by the famous adventurer Bear Grylls.
Words from an old family chair about the days it spent in a house.
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