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I am into creative writing currently and anything that comes along the way...
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Just a story out of imagination. Nothing is connected in anyways to real life character or life.
How a year affected my entire life. Robot mode activated
My good friend just past away. This is about how it feels
What death means through personal experience and how we could try to make our life better as death awaits everyone one day
What is anger and how it can reflect its devil in our life. Can we manage them or let it to ruin our life?
A sample of what not to be done in a marriage and what to be established
How to prepare yourself for exams especially ACCA last minute studies tips
Life experience which let us know that being single actually helps in some way...
Expectations in life hurts.When we learn to be responsible and knowing how to play our part well, peace follows
About letting things go and not hanging in too much with the materialistic world
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