Mimi Beaverhousen

Mimi Beaverhousen
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Laid-back Leos are sure to find some kind of luxery in my minds' eye and deep recreational emerald green in my eye's mind (I swear if you look close enough there's a brain in there).
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where one begins and the other ends, galaxies forming finalities in the midst of underground orientations
notes on curing heartache in midsts of mania in lions' manes depressed by being tamed
seeing into new galaxies from climates below freezing subliminal points in the heat of the moment
beginning of a novel. . .from playground faux pas to south america. .and back
A collective collaboration of words painting images in your prefrontal cortex, looking to make jumps into the heart of you, dear reader. One day you may hear me making music to these movements I have only just begun. Until then, I challenge you to create your own tune, use it wisely...
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