Stephen W. Griffin

Stephen W. Griffin
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Hello, the name is Stephen and I write what would mostly be classed as horror for the entertainment. I wouldn't advice it for children, but it is fun stuff all the same.
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Finally out the door after having been sat on for some time, here is part four of the Lost Humanity series, Broken Lines. I highly advise starting from the beginning, with Lost Humanity: Ground Zero, which can be found through this URL.
This originally had been meant to be only one section of the next chapter, Broken Lines, but it carried on for eleven pages, until finally I decided to release this as its own chapter. It's shorter than the others, I think, but still a hefty read.
The second section to my story, also a bit old, but recently revised and brought up to share, this is an immediate followup from Lost Humanity: Ground Zero, which is also up here and if you haven't read that, you should probably read it first. For those who can't be asked doing that, ...
This will turn into a very long production. Lost Humanity has been a pet project of mine for a while now. I have kind of fallen behind on it, but that's about to turn around (I hope). To start, here is the prologue to the (hopefully) episodic release of Lost Humanity, a tale of the en...
This is definitely not my usual style, and when I wrote it I more was going to prove I could... but it turned out well, if very dark. The mushy mushy love stuff was interesting to write, and I hope you the reader feel I have pulled it off successfully. It's also a lot shorter than my ...
This was sort of written on a dare. A person suggested that I write a horror story where the main antagonist was a bug eyed avatar, after I made a complaint about the overly large eyes on all of the images he used in his signatures. For it's humble origins, I am actually pretty proud ...
This was a joke of a Christmas poem I wrote recently. Take it as a source of humor, and please enjoy.
This was actually something I wrote a while ago, but it's the first most easily accessible piece I've got to put up here. This is a short story horror, which gets a little gruesome towards the end, and may contain the occasional piece of profanity. It isn't my aim to be vulgar, but to...
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