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I am a retired great grandmother who has lived more than one professional and personal life and have started writing about it. My genres are varied as my life has been.
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This is a short story about God and true historical facts take a back seat in our schools today and what can be done about it.
What is lazy? What is good about being lazy? How a lazy person benefits society.
This is a tongue-in-cheek account of small town attitudes by those who have lived there all their lives and have adapted to life in a very small box.
This is about the struggle of writing with and without a muse, as experienced by the author.
A short story about a good witch that helps the manners of the children in her small town.
For months our family discussed names for my grandaughter's first chlld. All of us tried, but didn't come up with a name they liked by the time their son was born, so as a tribute to this family controversary, I wrote this poem when he was born. It now resides in his baby book.
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