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Charlene Nuble
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Charlene Nuble is a health care professional who loves writing about parenting, women's issues, health and other stuffs that interest her.
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Falling in love with a girl is easy. Making her fall in love with you is the one that's difficult. Here’s how you can make your dream girl fall in love with you.
The modernity of the times has made asking a guy out for a date no longer taboo, but actually acceptable. If you’re unsure how to make your move, without looking desperate, here are some tips.
In a relationship, the hovering possibility of a big fight is a lot better to absorb than being introduced to your girl’s parents. But you can’t postpone the inevitable. You have to face them. Here are tips on how to keep yourself together in front of your possible future "in-laws...
There will come a time where you will make a decision to put your elderly loved ones in a nursing home. You really don’t have any choice about this as you may not have the necessary time in order for you to adequately care for your elderly family members yourself.
Infants and new born children are not the only ones up for adoption. Adopting a toddler and older children may prove to be just the thing for you.
Studies done by the American Environmental Protection Agency has revealed that over 170 million people in the United States currently live in places where the level of smog in the air is poisoning their bodies.
There are three types of diabetes – type one (diabetes mellitus), type two diabetes, and gestational diabetes. Perhaps you’re already familiar with the first two types, so now you need to familiarize yourself with the third type which is the gestational diabetes.
Diabetes mellitus or type one diabetes develops when the pancreas that produce insulin performs what we call an ‘auto-destruction’, wherein the body silently destroys the insulin thereby creating a deficiency.
People who have arthritis must first consult his or her physician or a dietician in order to know the appropriate food for the disease. There might be contraindications in the food which you prefer. The important thing is, one must strictly follow the guidelines in proper food choices...
Alternative arthritis remedies usually focuses on the natural side of things more than the medical type. According to a report, there are more people, about 40%, who are into using alternative remedies.
Having yeast infections is an uncomfortable and often painful experience. The worst part is that it is very hard to find a treatment that will not only get rid of the nasty symptoms but of the infection itself.
Chicken curry, just like some other dishes, has a native history. Thus, it is usually perceived as a dish that takes a lot of time and patience to make. Here is how you can come up with a no-fuss chicken curry everyone will love.
Arthritis comes with age. However, you can make it less of a nuisance with the right diet and lifestyle. Take heed of these tips and prevent arthritis from happening to you.
Hypertension or high blood pressure is something you can beat and even prevent. But, first, here are some things you should give up and stop.
Parents often make the mistake of just letting the school and experience teach their kids about sex, which could be potentially harmful. Here are ways you can discuss sex with your teenage girl, without the embarrassment.
Having a yeast infection is pretty common. In fact three out of four women most probably will seek treatment for vaginal yeast infection.
There are a number of ways to cure yeast infection. Treatments can be broadly categorized as natural remedies and medical remedies.
Earning money online has never been this easy! Now you can earn cash everytime you read your email! What could be easier than this?!
Yeast infection during pregnancy is not uncommon. This kind of infection otherwise know as candidiasis is a common occurrence among women and conditions that give rise to it include hormonal changes like pregnancy.
Affiliate marketing is considered as one of the most popular and most effective online money-making techniques today. The health and wellness industry too is well-represented in a number of affiliate programs, and more and more people see it as a great platform for making lots of mone...
Spending quality time with your kids is the best way to make your kids extremely happy. If you believe that, then you haven't tried baking brownies with them yet! Here are tips on how you can bake chocolate chip brownies with your kids and spend quality time with them!
Diabetes can get worse without the right knowledge and proper care. Don't let diabetes get the best of you by learning how to effectively cope with it.
Around five to eight percent of women experience recurrent bouts of vaginal infections. This condition is described as having more than four infections in a year. The usual risk factors include the intake of cranberry juice, or the use of pantyhose, panty liners or sexual lubricants.
Outside of the various medical and surgical procedures done in hopes of curing lung cancer, there is a type of therapy - called acupuncture - that is enjoying fairly widespread acceptance.
Anxiety is a normal, healthy feeling that is experienced by everyone. But if anxiousness becomes intense, chronic and unreasonable, it can be considered as a problem.
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