Helene Jangelin

Helene Jangelin
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A freelance writer with a particular interest in Literature and linguistics. Sharing articles on Everything from parasports, and accessible games for the blind, to parenting, health, and green living.
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Recent pages by Helene Jangelin

How a petition persuaded Mattel to make more Ella chemotherapy barbies, and how the Ella Doll can make a difference for childhood cancer patients
An argumentative essay that aims to prove the importance of shared parental leave. Involved fatherhood is the road to equality at home as well as in the labor market, and the benefits of fathers, mothers, and Children alike are enormous wherever a nurturing father is present.
This essay aims to explain, in less than 430 Words, how sub-plots are used in the 2003 novel Purple Hibiscus, written by Nigerian author Chimamanda Adichie.
A historical overview of how the White cane became an international identifier of blind indipendence
According to some statistics, there's infidelity in 8 out of 10 marriages in America. Could the explanation be found in history rather than in the present? Some evolutionary psychologists say it is so.
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