Baharul Islam

Baharul Islam
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Baharul writes poems in English and Bengali on contemporary issues: from anti-migrant social tensions in his home state of Assam in India to his deep attachment with Africa, specially Ethiopia.
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The poem depicts the pains of a social relationship, say marriage, that we sometimes endure against our inner-most desire. There is a revolt against the conformity of civilization and a desire to ‘live’ a life free of bondage. It depicts the tension between the old customs of trad...
The poem depicts the ‘rootless’ feelings of people of a small part of Syllhet district (Bangladesh) who were divided at the time of India’s independence and now live on the other side river Kushiara that falls in India. The voice here laments the division and feels like an alien...
Note: The poem depicts the impact of poverty, materialist needs and subsequent corruption of the society, helplessness of a prostitute in the city. She belongs to a glorious past but her present job is painful and in the rush to catch the costly living culture of 'malls' she has appar...
The poem is about an internally displaced person from the riverbank areas of Assam state in India. He comes to a big city in search of work/food after he lost his land in erosion of Brahmaputra river.
Poems, songs, drama or even a painting depicting the unity in human life - that we all are part of the same nature - will go a log way to support the ongoing conflict resolution initiatives across the world. The present efforts in various pars of the world needs to be more 'global' in...
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