Randy Duckworth

Randy Duckworth
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Hello. My name is Randy Duckworth. I am a freelance writer with a wide range of interests and experiences.
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Here is a brief summary of my opinion about the current Van Halen CD, "A Different Kind Of Truth."
One of my poems. It's pretty self-explanatory really, just a simple expression of faith!
This is basically a memoir about the first time that I saw King's X in concert, and how that experience made me a fan for life!
Here are a few more of my poems that I would like to share! I hope you will enjoy reading them!
This poem was written as a comment on the sometimes unhealthy preoccupation that some people have with a person's physical appearance...when people care more about looks than getting to know the person inside! I'm sure that anyone who has been on the dating scene in recent years has ...
This is simply my tribute to a television show that I consider the greatest American sitcom of all time. I grew up watching it, and I have loved it since childhood!
Billy Idol is one of my favorite musical performers, and a very popular figure of the MTV generation! The following is my biography on him.
Here are several more poems! I hope you will enjoy them...and as always, your comments are welcome!
Dokken is an American rock band formed in the late 1970's. They became popular in the early Eighties with a string of successful albums and videos. The following are my opinions about their latest studio album!
For this page, I would like to share a few more of my poems!
A biography on everyone's favorite stooge, Curly Howard.
My opinions about the latest musical offering by Aerosmith.
Here is a poem about dealing with denial. It's a realization that came to me during a difficult time. It's about those moments in our lives when we would rather lie to ourselves than face up to a difficult truth that makes us uncomfortable!
Here are 3 short poems from my files. They're really about finding inner peace within the self, and celebrating one's life!
Here are a couple of more poems from my files. I am pretty proud of these!
This one is written for all who have lost a loved one. It is simply a reminder of my belief that the Souls of the departed remain a part of our lives, even after they have passed to the other side!
This poem is simply about the amazing power of faith, and letting whatever "higher power" you believe in work through you! It seems that the biggest miracles come from continuing to believe, even when we seem to have no logical reason to!
This poem came to me after a period of very difficult personal struggle. I had been seeking a solution for my situation for quite some time, and finally found it! This poem captures that feeling of the weight lifting from my shoulders!
This classic film is one of my all-time favorites, and I could not resist sharing my perspective on it. I was inspired to write it after my meeting with Mickey Carroll, one of the Munchkin actors!
I was moved to write this biography after meeting Mr. Carroll in May of 2008!
This is simply an observation that all things have an importance in life. Every experience in our lives, good and bad, helps us to learn and grow...shaping the person that we become!
This is a poem about the times in our lives when we are alone in the silence with only our thoughts. It was written many years ago on a sleepless night. As I lay in bed waiting for sleep to come, it occured to me that in these moments of reflection are usually when we discover the mos...
Another selection that was written some time ago, this one is simply about experiencing the joys and sorrows that we all share in common in our daily lives!
A poem about the wonder and magic of nurturing one's "inner child." This was written a number of years ago, and was intended for my second volume of Poetry.
Fans of science fiction have had many heated debates about this subject, and being one of those fans, I naturally cannot resist sharing my own opinion on the matter!
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