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I love writing.
And I love wikinut, because it gives me a platform for doing that!!
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*A little heads-up: I've taken out all my withheld frustration in this one.*
It's hard not knowing your future, and it's harder to be okay with that fact. Here's an ode to the mystery of the unknown.
Its pretty funny, when you hear someone play a Guitar-- not just SOMEONE, but your "one and only"... And there are butterflies in your stomach, and you're blushing, for no apparent reason. And then all you want to do, is to keep listening to the melody, close your eyes, and let it flo...
I bet you've met thousands of people who'll tell you, "God look at you, you have changed so much!"
As hard as it sounds, love stories don't end up in their "happily ever after" mode all the time. For those who go through that awful phase, it's easier to understand what I'm talking about.... Else, you might be wasting your time out here.
I saw him today, like I see him everyday. He was sitting by the window, staring at the clouds, and above... well it wasn't surprising, as I think that's where he comes from. The sunlight falls on his face, and his face shines brighter than the sun itself. I cant help but smile. He is ...
No matter what circumstances we are in, true friends always stay by our side...... Even in the hard times and tough phases of life, friends are always there to pick us up when we fall down.....
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