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I am an Ad-Film-maker & Creative Producer with a demonstrated history of working in the Indian advertising industry.
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An eccentric mind after a good dash of slosh comes back home in the most sloppy way , faces little bit and ceases to sleep but eventually understands the irrelevance of it.
The obsession of many travelers, young explorers , buddies and more. The land of fun, sun & the sea... Yes its! GOA, the perfect place for the Gathering Of Adventurers from various corners of the World.
The auspiciousness of the festival is within oneself and Diwali ushers a lot of positive and happy vibes around.
Trimbak ! The Maharashtrian province primarily a celebrated place of its kind in the Hindu Mythology largely known to the world as Trimbakeswar, thats by the name of the Temple with a very strong Hindu connotation, and while looking deep into the locals' lives we still search for the ...
It's a real-life story about how bitterly an old-lady ended her life.
A deep and gradual insight into some of the Indian Handmade Traditional Savories.
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