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My real passion is writing poetry, but I also have begun to dabble in writing a children's story and a fictional novel. I also like finding fun facts about animals, I enjoy researching similar areas.
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The world continues to spin, despite the pain, but writing pulls out the heart and shows it so it can begin to heal, a bit at a time.
Depression affects everyone. No one in contact with it is totally spared from the emotional pain that it brings. This is a write about two of the victims.
Those times when our thoughts are so overflowing that we have to strain to focus in on the words, and the moments between when we feel uninspired, drained, searching for the spark of genius beneath our doubts. When we need to quench the dry spell, and then something wonderful emerges...
Our childhood is marked with instances, emotional periods, experiences that we never forget. I indulge in a bit of deja vu as I journey back to a time in my life, with eager eyes and a wistful soul I peered into my hopes and dreams.
Those moments in time you wish you could relive and change. My prompt that inspired this write was : Let's say resurrections are taking place ... who would you want to return and why?
As I strive for some kind of way to create a rhythmic interlude, I find myself drawn to the moon and the sun. This poem is my compilation of that.
"Being Together" can be the best feeling imaginable.
When life is a funny song, but there's nothing funny about it.
Ever had one of those moments when you couldn't get song lyrics out of your head
Our traveling feet not only march over winding paths or rocky mountains, but trudge through a journey of emotions, feel the earth like a pulse, and the heart still exists in it all.
"Nothing" is never nothing, it's always something, which by all accounts can be rather confusing. I use this poem to describe how I feel about "nothing."
“Deep roots are not reached by the frost.” -J.R.R Tolkien This is a poem inspired, to keep our dreams safe from the stour, let tranquility seep into the stirrings of our hopes.
Welcome to the world of Chihuly the artist, the effulgent genius that echoes--reverberates--creativity, expression, fantasy against the perfectionism that deems to dominate our thoughts, ideas, and stop them before they are realized. How can we find the cork to our fear and release i...
“We need never be ashamed of our tears.”--Charles Dickens (This poem is inspired by the above quote, and I in my own exposure, I can move on, I can live.)
“I have the need--the need for speed!” While this old adage may ring true for some NASCAR race car drivers or racer hopefuls, how can the saying apply to our sluggish friends the snails? Despite the more recent animated film about Turbo the snail who had a desire to race, snails a...
This is a poem in response to psychiatrist Carl Jung's quote: "Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people." Recognizing, acknowledging, revealing to others our mistakes can be the most devastating and liberating experiences we may enc...
It's all about that--taste? Not so in the case of our flightless friends the penguins!These incredibly fascinating creatures march to the beat of their own drum. Birds in general often don't have much in the way of taste receptors, so savoring a seafood platter is not on the menu for ...
Words are only powerful when they are spoken, written, transported from our thoughts to the page, to emerge from the incunabula of our most infantile ideas. Only then will they create a world that breathes our own truth. Our own unique perspectives can become like paraphs on the writt...
"She did what? He said, oh my! Such a shame!" Gossip mongers have a field day--as those who want reconciliation--to feel close to those loved ones passed risk airing out dirty laundry in their search for some way of dealing with grief. Remember them as they were, or find out who they ...
A mother chases after her children laughing as her young ones stuff tasty morsels in their mouths and make a quick getaway, a husband returning from work smiles as his wife greets him with a kiss at the doorway, a sleeping giant wakes in the distance, rumbling his gravelly throat at t...
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