Manoj Jirel

Manoj Jirel
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My name is Manoj Jirel. My address is Jiri-9, Dolakha.
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Recent pages by Manoj Jirel

It contains what I think about the blind people. How they feel and think about themselves.
The text contains what is the difference between my past attitude and present?
This text contains the about the definition, advantages and disadvantages of networking.
The defination of life is different according to different persons. I have my own.
One nignt I had a dream that was something strange to me. Also my views about the dream.
I have written first stanza of poem about a year before. Then I tried to continue many times. But I could not think how to make it sweet and beautiful. After a long time I have completed this poem. The main theme of this poem is love to nature and music.
The experience of the educational tour is the mail theme of this text. I want to share it to the world.
One of the best destination of Nepal welcome you on every moment.......!
The text contains an attractions and historical contents of Lumbini (the birthplace of Lord Buddha)
Dolakha District is situated in Janakpur zone. It is very important place, culturally and naturally. The place is 134 km east from Kathmandu.
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