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Tainted Innocence
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Hey there, I'm Angus and I like writing, drawing and music. I will mostly be writing about my favourite hobby, self bondage. At the moment I am trying to focus on my blog "The Green Peps".
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A truly sickening story about a poor german shepherd and two messed up kids.
A writer's block is very common among writers and it is usually when the person can not write anything no matter how hard they try but why do people get a writer’s block.
Chafing can be very painful and equally annoying but is there a way to prevent and treat it due to self bondage?
Just as the title suggests this article is about what you should cook to try to impress a woman.
The phase “writer's block” used a lot but does it actually exist or is it something else?
Backlinks are very important in getting high rankings search engines but it can sometimes seem like there very few methods in getting backlinks, so here is just 10 out of hundreds of ways.
A review and personal opinion on the film Secretary.
You finish up your self bondage session and you realize that you have multiple rope marks, how do you get rid of them?
What actually is the bdsm symbol and what does it mean?
New to self bondage? Don’t worry you have to start somewhere and it is better to do it right than to do it wrong and be stuck in self bondage.
Can Doms get sexual pleasure from self bondage sessions?
This article explains how to use silly putty as a release mechanism in self bondage.
Sometimes feelings can get to much and can totally overwhelm you...
I will be showing you step by step how to draw a cartoon frog.
This is a step by step guide with pictures on how to draw a cute tribal heart.
How to improve your self bondage session by adding pain.
Is there any real differences between them and what are they?
Hello there, are you struggling to find time to exercise?
Could you be healthier just by cutting out some meats?
Could exercising do more damage to your diet than good?
Celery has many health benefits some well known and some not as well known.
This is a very simple release method to get out of self bondage using a can.
How to use a combination lock as a release method in self bondage.
Twelve interesting and random facts about dreaming and sleeping.
If you have come to the stage in your life when self bondage starts to get boing then you need your self bondage sessions to give you more satisfaction.
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