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I'm a fresh graduate who always want to write articles most especially poems and social issues. I'm a simple person with pleasing personality, and I love to solve puzzled game.
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are you looking for the right site that will give you so much earnings with free membership fee? or looking for a blog that will give you a hint on how you could gained so much money by just sitting and work for it for just an hour per day? will this article is really for you.
this poem is all about a man who already accept the reality that the girl that he loves before will not be his mine anymore.
music has been a part in our lives for so many years, and now, i list the most heart-warming song of all time. hope you like this simple article of mine.
its a news about a mentally retarded teen ager who was raped by old man because of watching pornographic movies
it's a poem of love, sacrifice and drama. this poem is a reflection of true and one love.
it is a poem for a hopeless father who lost his family during the japan tsunami tragedy.
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