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Am on my fifth book project although I have written numerous articles, short stories, scripts and plays. There are two poetry chapbooks out on the market together with a mystery novelette and an English language guide. I have also been translating from the Italian and French into English and doing voice work and acting for film and theater besides having produced short films and plays..
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Some thoughts on the eternal question surrounding people wanting to know who they are.
Societies need to have ceratin elements in order to exist. The ones that did not survive lacked one or a few of those elements or they were out of touch with the reality of the people they governed. Here are some thoughts.
The needs for society to exist as is in the future are food clothing shelter, a means with which to buy and sell goods and morals or traditions that can be passed onto the next generation.
People have been afraid of dying since time immemorial. There is a culture which worships death as a god that is depicted as a skeleton carrying a scythe but most of us in the west, dread its coming and prefer to concentrate on the living. Here are some thoughts on getting over the fe...
The way in which we have been governed through a social contract, has evolved over the past centuries. Here are some thoughts on the nature of the social contract.
Working in the home has been a profitable alternative for retired people and is now becoming more popular with people who are dissatisfied with current working trends. The alarming trend towards downsizing has also led people to becoming more entrepreneurial. Here are some tips on dev...
Inspired by the 50th anniversary of the pill this talks about how it has affected social ways
Classes have not disappeared, they have moved on.People are just as stratified as the middle class is being depleted of its resources
Economics is not the only determining factor for social differences,although the factor of productivity played a large part in understanding class distinctions when social classes were characterized in Marx's time.
There were causes for the migration of people to urban centers and reasons for why certain areas became urbanized. Here are some thoughts on the process
Some changes real or superfluous, since the last war.
some thoughts on the rationale for psychotherapy how people choose alternative forms of therapy and more
Spoken English has been modified over recent years. Here is some insight on this process.
Birth is celebrated around the world although the way it is, may differ. Here there is an attempt to discuss other issues connected to the new arrival.
Here are some points on getting to the interview and what to look for at the interview itself so that you are successful.
The advent of socialism since its foundation in Europe has shown that there has been some increased awareness about other modes of living chiefly one that is not extravagant.
steps on increasing ones vocabulary and ability to use new words
There are some causes to the development of city centers in the Old World and in North America.
Obtaining happiness means sticking with a goal of letting negative thoughts dissipate and encouraging yourself to do positive things. It means letting go of old unrewarding habits and treating yourself with more respect regarding personal and family relationships. Maturity is a key fa...
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