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Eamiahs Niuqlab
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Life is full of writings.
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I want to discuss the rules of grammar, but, I think I need to share this one first. Just explore and enjoy!
These writings are free verse and inspired by real life experiences. If you are having hard time in letting go, try to read this and think carefully of what you are going through. May this page enlighten you a little and get you back to reality. Enjoy reading!
This is to direct and guide you to a place where to find courage.
Aiming for a cherry or an eye might not be easy for the first time. Don't stop. Try again for many times.
“We are best friends forever,” the most painful words for someone who is secretly in love with his best friend. But life is full of its magic itself; those most painful words may be the sweetest you can ever live with – love is unpredictable.
“Not everything you want to say should be said. No matter how hard you wanted to. Keeping it as a secret could be for the best.”
We are facing some ups and downs in life. But in times that we are feeling so down, there is one thing we can do to stand up again.
Feel the darkness and experience it. And see how do blind sees?
Some of us had forgotten about the past, but what if the past itself hunt us up to the present time affecting our future.
The different perceptions in love: Fairy tale or reality?
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