Hope Roberts

Hope Roberts
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I am a practice nurse, writer, poet and encourager. I do counselling and clinics, I write food books, poems.
I am passionate about healthy foods and sexual health.
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Recent pages by Hope Roberts

This is a brief biography of some Black inventors. Remember Always! To be proud of who your are, To be proud of your culture, To be proud of your hidden legacies and share it with the world
Dream Alphabet poem is teaching you how to take a positive journey to achieve your dream and goals.
Words! is a poem that will encourage and teach you how to build and encourage others.
The eyes are the lamp of your body, when your eyes are healthy, the whole body is healthy. So you must take care of your eyes with healthy diets, less exposure to the sun, no smoking and managing your time you spend on the computer.
Our attitude is like a guiding light in our everyday lives. When it is negative it stops our progress, when it is positive it open the right doors for us.
This poem is about eating the right foods cooked in the right way to keep you fit and healthy.
This poem is to encourager you to make daily exercise a priority in your life and the many ways you can do it.
This poem explains the value of Women of Excellence!
I wrote this poem while working in a school, because I wanted to welcome all the children of the world to success and achievements.
This poems is teaching you how to walk with hope through life.
This poem is about extending hands of friendship, love and harmony , bringing peace to our beautiful world
This poem I wrote with so much joy when President Mandela was release from prison. I was bullied by a friend to send it to South Africa House and ask them to forward it to him, which they did. I received a parcel from Pretoria three months after with a gift of a plague in five langu...
This article is about why we should eat fruits daily; because the nutritional properties in fruits are critical to promoting good health .We need to increase the amount of fruits we currently eat every day.
This article is about Toxic Shock Syndrome for young ladies between 14-34 years old during their menstrual cycle. Please read the all the small print guidance and direction before using tampons and put them into practice. I wrote this article when my daughter in her teenager years h...
This poem is about healthy body, healthy life style, healthy saving and living longer.
This articles is about foods that helps to lower your cholesterol and protect the body from heart disease and stroke.
This article is about several foods that lowers cholesterol, protecting the body from heart disease and stroke.
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