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Simple Person with simple dream in life. I love poetry and cooking.
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This poem (Choices) is all about fantasy. Enjoy reading.
This poem (Frankenlove) is all about love and death.
This poem (Posted Note) is all about love and forgiveness.
This poem (In the Dark) is all about dreams, enjoy reading.
This poem (Turning Point) is all about self reflection.
This poem is all about true nobility and also about how to be successful in life.
This poem (Where Does Nothing Go) is all about fear.
You looked at me and said it’s time The day would be yours and mine Twenty miles to take you there With no car the ride we’d share
Hello there my little friend I knew you’d be there at the end You’ve tortured me these past two years You’ve played my worries and my fears
Is God on the side of right Or is he on the side of might We give our God the will of man That we might rise to understand
My girlfriend and I started our business in 2000 with only one PlayStation console averaging php 300 or $8 a day. We played games together with our customers and friends. It is so much fun when you start playing Games. But still you need to give the controllers to your customers to le...
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