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Writer from Bonnie Scotland
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Saluting the immense talent of 'The Voice UK 2017'' worthy winner, singing superstar Mo Adeniran. Once in a blue moon along comes a voice.. the kind of voice that once you've heard it, you know you will never forget it.....Read on to find out more....
Yes these times where there is no shortage of news, where it is not uncommon for news programmes to be extended to fit it all in,THERE IT WAS broadcast on the TV news throughout the day and right on the front pages of the Scottish newspapers... A historic event indeed, rea...
Air travel, where we place our lives in the hands of experienced and safety conscious flight captains,or are they?... Read on to find out more.
Highlighting the dishonesty, bullying and fraud within a public sector department. A social housing association employee who manipulated her role within this public sector department to defraud tenants.. and how her so called 'superiors' flushed the issue away through their alleged co...
To you Terry...A phenomenal writer and wonderful friend.
This is my take on what Wikinut means to us as writers following the recent announcement regarding the stoppage of earnings. There will be a lot of mixed feelings and opinions on the on to find out more.
At the suggestion of our fellow Wikinut author and friend Rathnashikamani, I am calling on our Army of Wikinut Authors to join together in sending out a message of unity, peace, and love to all our brothers and sisters across the world.... ..Let's do something really special together
Coming into 'The Wikinut House'.... I got a little something to share with you... Now don't get up my people.. Ha ha ha....okay well if you insist Come on now..hit the lights..the Pugcheekawawa is coming through....
Tennis Ace Andy Murray married his sweetheart Kim Sears in true Scottish style at his home town of Dunblane on 11th April. Well wishers turned out in force to join in the celebrations. Read on to find out more.
We are all saddened to learn of the passing of our Wikinut friend and Author, Joyce Singha. In having been away from Wikinut for a while, I have only recently heard this sad news. I have written this in celebration of us having shared a part of Joyce's life here on Wikinut.
I've been away from Wikinut for a little while So I've come back home with a song and a smile They say absence makes the heart grow fonder Well I can vouch that's true It's good to be back at wikinut.. So a big hello to all again..just from me to you
The Scottish Referendum roller coaster that has taken the people of Scotland on a political journey of high's and lows has finally ground to a halt...and boy we are glad to get off!!. Sadly the division of opinion has led to overheated emotions..resulting in dispute amongst some of ou...
A referendum on whether Scotland should be an independent country will take place on Thursday, 18 September 2014. The referendum question, as recommended by the Electoral Commission, will be.. 'Should Scotland be an independent country'. Voters can answer only Yes or NO. Residents in...
A bit of good old Irish banter, inspired by, and dedicated to wikinut author and friend Fern McCostigan...please come on in and join us for an Irish knees up.
Another humorous visit to the 'House of Wikinut' from my chirpy Pugcheekawawa....that lovable canine rogue who's just full of swagger. For those of you who have 'met him' before..I hope you enjoy 'his' latest contribution, and for those of you who have yet to encounter his patter..ple...
This is one for the upbeat, present day 're-write' of one of the best fairy tales ever on to find out more.
The 2014 Commonwealth Games hosted by my home town of Glasgow... began on Wednesday 23rd July, with a grand and spectacular opening ceremony.. Read on to find out more.
An upbeat review of a terrifically talented stand up comedian. 'Topping The Bill' is 27 year old Scottish comedy great Kevin on to find out more.
I've written this in the aftermath of my participation in a recent college course, which related in part to the emotional well being of children Research into the emotional difficulties young children experience in the midst and in the aftermath of traumatic life changing events promp...
Those who strive to highlight and stand up against all forms of injustice, publicly portraying a strong sense of moral fibre, placing themselves right in the public corner of victims of unfair treatment, illegal and immoral practice, racism, bullying, etc…read on to find out more.
A Tribute to British Comedy Actor Rik Mayall...who sadly passed away on June 9th, at the age of 56. His contribution to the world of television comedy will be fondly remembered within the history of entertainment....
In honour of 'Tara The Global Superstar Cat'...who bravely stepped in and saved a little boy from being mauled to death by a vicious on to find out more.
On 10th April 2014, Scottish Emirates Pilot Captain Ian Weir landed one of the world's largest commercial aircraft at Glasgow Airport.. marking the Airline's ten year link with Scotland. This 'first time' exciting event drew in widespread media coverage and a huge volume of spectator...
A toast to love..written for my husband in celebration of our 12th Wedding Anniversary..When in life we find love for the second time..we come to realise that the first time.. was merely a dress rehearsal for the real thing... Happy Anniversary Jim
A humorous fictional tale of fallen TV Star, Jimmy McSavey, who now makes a living from touring and appearing in public houses. Once at the height of fame, he tells the sob story of his demise from stardum to a somewhat reluctant public house on to find out more.
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