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I am too idealist for this world and the best way to express myself is writing
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Mayans are here even after ages, like an alive population in spirit
The most expensive book in the world is now in the possession of the famous Bill Gates
History brings up some myths liek the one of Hiperboreans but still people are wondering is just a myth or pure fact
Discovering an old land of mayans , Chactun!! A new city discovered on Mexic that brings up new things about mayans
PTC s are the best way to spend your free time geting crazy and tired
Story about my white kitty Gaga , about they way he comes in my life and about how much I love him.
Dracula is just a story that insults the memory of a great king of Valahia
Mystery of the Carphatian Sphinx is not a SF story
Feeling like to be alone and to keep the balance of silnece in life
Is a page I ve got inspired by my own life and experience
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