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Deep thoughts by Christy Holy
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Turning my downtime into a stepping stone . Changing my view of fears.
Ive been dealing with this internal conflict of why men do the things they do ,make decisions they make and seem to live life without a good intention or purpose for a really long time now. I just want to understand things and where the male perspective comes from.
I cant really get through to myself or figure out if I want to be married or not ...
Love hurts especially when you feel like you can't communicate with The one you love. This is just an expression of that.
the media especially the media of the daily newspread can wreak havoc on the mind and soul unless you are able to ask yourself why? I hear it over and over again, that the world is not like it used to be.
After buying a king size Modus Platform Bed and sleeping on it last night I definitely Would recommend it as a great buy.
life without a feeling of connection with my sisters or female friends sucks. Females can not look to a guy to fill that void of loss or lonliness so ive learned.
To let go and only hold on to yourself . This can speak for relationships añd addictions
I feel like my dreams are not accepted by anyone. They Say no it doesn't work like that....what the bleep do they know?
Letter myself... Diary entry.... End of the day reflection
What's your investment? How do you think about your future? Are you focused on money or something that will actually be there?
If you own your own business, work for yourself with freelancing or have a job where you sell a product even if its a service you sale this list can help you stay focused on making money.
Why is it so hard to love ourselves sometimes ? To give myself the same compassion and courtesy that I give to others ? This is just how I feel today.
A little checklist of what you need to plan your dance class and tips on keeping It fun and challenging.
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