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Gardening is such a pleasure when you got your mind set on your planting
Vulnerable relationships can make you feel less confident
It is not easy finding your soul mate, pay attention to the points that take you further in finding yourself as the soul mate
Dating a partner with a age gap, this is a trend of today with many couples, age differences, a huge gap.
Dating when older is challenging but don't give up on meeting someone special at any age
Losing someone no matter who is a sad part of life accepting such an incident is most difficult.
Magazine articles are for the professional it takes time to be accepted in the correct magazine industry
The more you read the more you know. Tips for the beginners in the writing field
Write for yourself, whether a pleasure or fro the few dollars express your thought s and ideas on paper
Homosexuality between two men forced or with given consent is referred to as anal sex
Love shouldn't be neglected in relationships, most relationships lack love and communication. Focus on real love if possible. this will make you see how special life can be with your partner.
Writing what you know at best is the way of enjoying your work, thoughts from your mind opens your eyes to the World
A different lifestyle and adjusting to life here is not as easy
Herbal teas and Indian Spices are used by many people, one must seek professional help before trying any herbal plant.
Traditional funeral, and family issues are different for any culture but sometimes you wonder where do you belong
a life that you have no idea of is often a complicated one and if you knew more maybe it wouldn't have been.
Some issues about family can't be forgotten, forgiven is something different but is still in your mind, no matter what you can always talk about the bad they did to you because that is what you remember the most.
Parents and teenagers should learn together, parents learning with with their teenagers is very important to family relations
Distress levels for to find out about, try this scale to show yourself where you are positioned in your mind and self.
A life different but unique, from two continents, and you never know how your life can change, a drastic one if you are undecided.
A funny joke for you, if you find it funny, something to laugh about get your spirits up
My new life in Croatia compared to the old one in South Africa, a challenge it is, and will always be no matter what I do there is still so much to think about.
A new start for many people may not be easy, but you always have to be positive and don't let any one spoil your happiness.
Moving home, our new home for the first time in so many years, a wonderful feeling, to be in your own home.
know your baby from day one, your life will be much easier when your child gets older.
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