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A life insurance underwriter, an internet affiliate marketer, a workshop facilitator, and a freelance writer/blogger.
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Recent pages by joetag

This is an opinion on what are really called true assets and true liabilities in life. And why is it so that sometimes the best gain is to lose.
An article about why change is called the only permanent thing in this complicated world we live in.
Sweet success is a consequence of something. Find out what.
This article proves that in this complicated world we live in, nothing can really and fully take the place of the precious and sacred relationship of family life.
An article showing the love for the sport in a particular place. The popularity of the game of soccer is obviously displayed.
An interesting reminder on how to bake a good cake that would surely make a celebration meaningful.
In our lives, days do not go by without leaving us problems and difficulties. What must we do if we begin to feel the weight of our worries, and concerned over an uncertain future?
This is about one of the most nurturing and joyful relationships in life, and one that can have a profound impact on who a son become and on who a father become.
The importance of family relationships is depicted in this article. A strong and close family relationship can survive every challenges that may come its way.
An article showing that in life nothing is permanent except change, and that changes do occur unexpectedly whether we like it or not or whether we are prepared for it or not.
This is surely a helpful article about knowing what nervous tension is all about, and how one could overcome it and be able to enjoy life to the fullest despite the many situations encountered everyday that really throw one out of balance.
An must-read inspiring article on how one could be able to return to normal life, regaining mental equilibrium and confidence, after experiencing humiliating and ego-destroying setbacks in life.
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