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I am hoping to offer you Poetry with a Difference ~
I was a Theatrical Agent, a job that I adored.
Now, I am fortunate enough to have the time to write, and for the last couple of years have been writing my first novel.
Poetry is a totally new dimension for me, having only been writing it for just a few months.
I am of Cypriot/Greek origin, and was raised in London Town, where I live...
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Recent pages by PANDORA Πανδώρα

A fun poem, fast poem about living life in the 'fast lane'
A poem of unrequited love, inspired by the Tenth Muse ~ Sappho
A poem about realising the truth behind the lies from the beloved
This poem is about a nun, who finally realises that a cloistered life is not for her. She eventually finds the courage to break free to find a love that she so desires...
A sensuous, passionate love poem fantasizing about a beloved
This poem is about a woman who has been rejected, tossed aside for another
A poem about Mafia Wars, a chilling depiction of the underworld as normally seen in movies/novels.
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