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I am the mamma of a beautiful daughter and a copywriter in an ad agency interested in writing on things that are me
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Some fruits and veggies are a photo copy of our body parts and benefit the same parts too ... read on!
Ordinary stuff has extraordinary uses - with Vaseline this holds especially true! Never mind the chapped lips or cracked heels routine; this one's quite a handful for so many other things as well.
Stop emails from wreaking havoc! Mismanaged email accounts can cause your personal and professional plans to go awry. The keyword is organize.
Red lipstick makes you look Diva-ish but before you head for the crimson hue, remember to get it right with a few simple but important tips.
Inventions give us something to thank about but sometimes turn not so fortunate for their inventors. But that is only if inventors are not careful. This is not an article for preaching or being sarcastic; just an observation or a lesson to the innovators to be cautious.
Here are some things to consider before having pets. Don't forget to discuss with family before bringing a pet home. Yes it's a lot of fun but a lot of responsibility too.
Baking Soda, Cooking Soda or Meetha Soda (in Hindi) – is an off the kitchen shelf wonder that can make your cake rise and much more. Like banishing foul smells and making your hair soft. Read on ...
Cushions are an integral part of decor but stains or spots can spoil the look. Here's what you can do to salvage your favorite cushions from grease, nailpolish, food, pet urine etc.
Here's a list of common tips that parents of babies may find handy. From massage oil to water check and even talking to your baby, these tips might help you in your daily care for the baby.
There are a lot of beauty and health benefits of garlic but you can also use it as pesticide or repairing glass and many others things at home by yourself
With your marriage just around the corner, you must be getting a lot of tips mostly beauty and fitness based. Here are some tips that are 'you' based; karma tips to a happier and more glowing you.
English is indeed a global language. Here's a light but informative take on English absorbing other languages into it effortlessly.
Congratulations for the bundle of joy. While you take care of the little one who has just entered this world, it is important for new mothers to take care of themselves too. Breast Care is an important part of post-baby care for moms as neglect could end up in infection.
Career is as important as personal life. Can one survive without sacrificing one's job or one's home? We all know that the answer lies in striking a balance. But before that we need to develop our skills at work. Qualifications, talent and attitude - the three basic qualities that can...
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