aditya vijay

aditya vijay
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A teen from India.
An Android devloper,a gamer, a soccer and basketball player.
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Satt is a new app coming up but since it is in Prelaunch mode you get get it share right now. Register through the link given below
this smartphone is currently a prototype.which is to be released soon. It is actually a bit fordable which will help in decreasing its damages when fallen on ground or can be kept safely.
Google glasses are a project made by google. it is decided to be launched in early 2015. The new technology is about to come alive..
This is something i always love to do without any regrets . I think nothing can be more better then helping mother .
this is about the review of the latest Gta series known as GTA 5.this review is according to Ps3. This is my personal review.
The lion King,a movie made in late 19s By was actually made for kids but people of all ages love this movie.
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