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im a nerd at heart. and i think it will show in most of my work
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Recent pages by VernM

Part 3 of Twenty Six Monsters A-Z this is section L - Q
part 5 of outbreak the fineal part of this capter of the journal.
A review of New lines films, the Lord of the Rings trilogy
A list of 26 monsters with brief descriptions this is part 2 E- K
A list of monsters 26 in alphabetical order, part 1 A-D.
A short guide to housing and feeding your Russian tortoise.
A quick and easy recipe for delicious meltie cheese wraps.
A simple recipe for appetizing and flavorful Shrimp & Pineapple poppers.
A review of Warner Brother film, Dungeons & Dragons, Wrath of the Dragon God.
A review of Universal pictures, Hellboy 2 the Golden Army.
A review of Paramount pictures, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
A review of Hank Greens newest musical compilation.
A review of New line's, Harold & Kumar go to White Castle.
A review of Columbia Pictures, Hellboy staring Ron Perlman.
A review of New Line Cinemas, Dungeons & Dragons.
Part 4 of the journal of one mans servile during the zombie apocalypse
A recipe for a filling meal that can feed a number of people for a decent price.
A review of Van Helsing produced by Universal pictures.
Here in lies a short review of the movie Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy
Part 3 of the journal of a man surviving the zombie apocalypse.
A review of Shaun of the Dead staring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.
A review of Terry Gilliam’s film The Brother’s Grimm
Growing up can be hard an problematic but having a brother by your side can make a difference.
The continuing story of one mans life after the zombie apocalypse.
A review of Sid Meier's civilization 5 its pros' and cons and this player opinion.
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