Yolanda Monteiro

Yolanda Monteiro
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I have worked a lot with children and teachers and hence I enjoy writing for children.
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The article is about this book and others in the series and how it/they have helped me understand some of the differences between men and women.
This is an article that brings to light some of the handicaps that left handers face or atleast that I as a left hander have faced.
The is just me wondering, pondering on life as a whole.
This is the story about a young girl who is runnnig away from an abusive and disturbing past.
This movie was made way back in 1986 by Paramount Pictures.
This is a poem that kids might enjoy. It tells the story of a boy who met a giraffe in the park.
A short explanation of how the festival is celebrated.
This article is just something I observed while waiting in a parking lot.
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