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I'm fluent in Spanish, French, Creole, Hebrew and English. I am a dedicated writer and poet. I consider myself a master in the craft of writing--for I possess an eloquence of language.
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A young man driven by lust and how he learned a great life lesson. I know you want to know what lesson he learned. So read!
The continuation of a young man driven by lust and his discovery of an important life lesson. This is too interesting for you not to read.
A young man driving by lust learn an important lesson. Don't even think about skipping this part--it's too interesting.
A profoundly sad poem of life that flows too smoothly to be ignore--so read!
A very profoundly sad poem of life. This is very heartfelt, yet not to be discarded--so read!
When two or more females are involved in a sexual action, the male has to be very careful how the show is conducted. I know you want to know what I'm talking about. So read.
Spurts of urine coincides with orgasmic contractions--it's a mixture of fairly frenzied physical stimulation...The Doctor is laying down the lessons hard--all you've got to do is read.
All orgasms in men and women are a combination of to find out more.
You may have only one chance to do the job right, and blowing that chance is not an option. Read and find out what job I'm talking about.
There's pain and there's pleasure. Thus, I've laid out a method that will guarantee you pleasure and not pain in the bedroom. I know for sure you want to read this. So what are you waiting for?
There's a method to everything--thus, I've revealed a sure-fire method--and you can only find out about it by reading.
it really isn't about the size, but how you use it. I know you're curious as to what I'm talking 'bout. So read.
Females like spontaneity. You don't have to be rich and feel like you have to spend a fortune to make her happy. The tips gets more and more interesting.
Lessons on seduction. This is loaded with some interesting info. You will find yourself glued to these tips.
Shedding light on some special raw talents that all guys and girls possess, but some never knew they possessed to begin with.
They were like the rail I needed to get my life on track. They were like medicine to soothe my pain, and umbrellas to protect me from pouring rain. Who could I be talking 'bout? Well, that's a question that will only be revealed if you read.
I was forced to realize that the only way to bring the ordeal to an end was by giving them what they wanted. Check out this amazing chapter to find out whom and what I'm talking about.
The law-enforcers' action and unspoken words caused chills to shoot up and down my spine. This is a drama-packed chapter that should not be skipped.
Numbshock-causing dramatic events forever changed me. I found myself fighting hard to come back to my senses. Read and find out the outcome.
I felt a sudden awful chill. My entire body seemed devoid of flesh and blood...that dreadful experience seemed to have lasted an eternity. This is a dynamic chapter that's guaranteed to have your nerves jumping.
The more I saw my buddy in action, the more I reminded myself to be cautious around him...he and some of the other guys I associated with preyed on people who showed signs of weakness. Read and see whom I'm talking about.
Explosive events and quagmire affected my senses and seemingly transformed me to an alien creature I didn't recognize. This chapter is very ironic and heartfelt.
I sat, stared into nothingness, and heard sweet music flowing from a ghetto blaster nearby. I know you're curious as to what I'm talking 'bout, so read.
They saw me in church and took a liking to me despite my thuggish facade. They somehow penetrated through the camouflage I was forced to wear since my early childhood years and saw the real me. Read and find out who I'm talking 'bout.
Like a clamp, the streets had a strong grip over my life. I was vanity-driven and couldn’t seem to get enough of the mundane pleasures. I would go to dance clubs, strip-clubs and block parties, when I was supposed to be at work working. This is a must read.
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