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An introvert who loves roses and reads classic novels
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Recent pages by jenrose

A year ago, I experienced the most painful thing and I just felt like writing it here to finally release and let go of it.
These page may contain my most painful experiences but these experiences shaped me today. I accepted every experience, I have learned from them.
What happens when hatred takes over? This page contains my idea on hatred and how people act when taken over with it
This page is solely dedicated to my ideas about a "Family". This involves my personal experiences with my family and of course, the lessons I have learned. I hope this too applies to everybody :)
This page is for people to know me better. Also, this page is intended for my development; to be honest with my flaws and shortcomings, to be able to write them up and accept myself as I am.
This page involves all the lessons I've learned from life so far. It's not much but it did made me the person I am today. I am forever thankful :)
As someone who spends a lot of time alone, I tend to think and observe. This page sums up all of those thoughts and observations that somehow show you a part of my life :)
Traveled to China 5 years ago :) Planning to write my great experiences here! :)
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