Eileen Ward Birch

Eileen Ward Birch
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I write a lot of biography from my early years in the Black Country.
I also do a little poetry and short stories.
My portfolio includes various non fiction subjects, including reviews and travel.
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I believe that nothing in the kitchen should go to waste. If you cook extra, it should be used up, if you have a small amount of an item, it should become part of a bigger meal. I don't tell people how to use what they have, because I don't know what is in another person's kitchen, I...
A short guide to leftover alcohol in the kitchen and garden
A short story about a murder. A Custody Unit Support Officer decides he has had enough of his wife's nagging.
I asked a librarian friend a question that has puzzled me for ages.
These are our thoughts from a visit to Cornwall. It was a few years ago, so some places might have changed a little, but the heart of any of these places does not change. They are all working harbours.
a story from my childhood, growing up in the 1950's. Every year we watched chickens on our local smallholding grow from day old chicks to oven ready.
A little ditty about one of our favourite pubs. A place we often visit for Sunday lunch.
How I heard of the assassination of President Kennedy
A story of an older woman and her Granddaughter looking through some trinkets and the memories they rouse.
a short story about a lady who buys a flat in an old house and the consequences of buying one piece of furniture.
A short piece I wrote about life in a Black Country greengrocery store in the 1950's. It is biographical.
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