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I am jus on my self discovery. So, will let you know 'the real me' wen i end up wit dis mission. An i would focus on descriptive writing since am used to it.
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You might be familiar with 'Animal sacrifice' ritual in Tamilnadu. But, have you surveyed it with your own eyes? Dreadful.
We come across Death and Departure in life. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to accept them. It takes years to recover and begin thinking with maturity that "It's life". I too came across a death in my family.
Everyone of us want to stay healthy and fit. Have you tried an 'all in one exercise'? Try this simple yoga methodology. It will work out.
We use lettuce leaves to decorate our salads, burgers, etc. But these greens are not only for its decorative value, but they also hold plenty of nutritive values!
Lets fight to eradicate World hunger and poverty. Just have a look at the websites that helps us in a better way to remove these. Play simple word games, map a city etc., you dontate a plenty to the needy.
Enjoy your weekend with friends and family to the exclusive place which would sooth your heart.
Do u love pizzas? Read this. You would switch to a bowl of salds instead.
Have you tried to link the relation between music and paintings?
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