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Mira Pawar
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I completed my journalism from ICS, Scranton in the year 1996 and specialise indoing feature stories
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The United Arab Emirates recently imposed a ban on the book “Don’t Cry When I Die…” authored by Latika Tripathi on grounds that the story line dealt with in the book is against their religious belief
In general, the term research means to conduct a study to find answers to a question keeping in mind the framework of necessary philosophies and approaches. In order to accomplish a research, it is essential to apply certain process and system that has been experimented for their legi...
Celebrating birthdays is not just an ordinary event and most specifically if it happens to be the 60th. It is regarded as an important milestone generally shared with close family and friends. Celebrating 60th birthday also means celebrating the victory of your achievements acquired o...
During a holiday trip to Siliguri in the Darjeeling District of West Bengal, the exotic flora and fauna and the lush green surrounding of the place immediately seized my attention but the most bewildering experience was an encounter with Laden.
Like every other part of our body, our brain also requires good blood flow in order to function quickly and effectively. Recent research considers that a morning shot of beet juice may help ensure good circulation to our head and aid in flow of brilliant ideas.
It is an age old myth that only carrots help in restoring and improving eye sight. Recent theories though have much more to suggest and believe that there are other food which is also essential in keeping eyes healthy.
It is a common belief that Arthritis is just one single disease which transpires in the form of inflammation in the joints but very few are aware that there are more than one hundred types of arthritis that can affect you
Alternative healing systems which are based on a complete system of ideas and practice is gaining more and more popularity and considered a better way of life. Pranic healing is one such system which was widely practiced in the ancient civilizations of China, Egypt and India
There is extensive research being performed on the benefits of green tea and soon it might be an answer to inflammatory diseases like arthritis and many other illness. Green Tea might be helpful in reducing inflammation and slowing cartilage breakdown.
Social Networking sites like FaceBook, Orkut, and Myspace etc allow the internet users to form communities online very quickly and easily from groups of friends to business networks
Facebook has moved from a college photo sharing site to a burgeoning business networking platform for self promotion, advertising and multimedia interaction.
In case of small grease stains, food stains and soil stains, this can be tackled at home but otherwise do not go through the rigorous process.
Most business owners are of the opinion that simply having a good web site is not enough to bring in leads. The most significant aspect of lead lies in building a customer base with which you can build a relationship and hence, template customization plays a very important role in web...
Dreaming is good. If your dreams come true, you will thank your stars forever. If not, keep dreaming!!
It is always advisable to learn some of the prevailing trends in the country you are visiting. It makes life more easier and your visit a little more pleasant.
Like every year, its time for visitors to scuttle to Vienna to catch the music festivals, contemporary circus festival and many more interesting events during the months of November and December and enjoy the ambiance, shopping and the weather.
Daal is an essential part of Indian meal Most household cook daal on everyday basis but having the same daal every day could really get boring. So, once in a while, it would be a great idea to try out something different for a change.
Capsicum is normally used in chinese fried rice or sweet and sour vegetables but stuffed capsicum cooked with stuffing made of various spices will give you a different taste.
Just as any other vegetables, brinjal can also be cooked differently. Different regions make brinjal in different ways. This recipe is a favourite in Maharashtra state of India.
Palak Paneer is a north indian recipe which can be had with indian bread or chapati or naan.
Abhas performs at the Hyderabad Kali Bari during the Diwali festivities
More than one hundred bikers in Dubai, UAE went on a memorial ride to Kalba, UAE to pay respect to the departed soul of their fellow biker Amrit Vikram.
Garden window is becoming a very popular concept today. For those living in apartments, it is a real good idea. The kitchen window can be turned into a garden so can the living room balcony.
The existing tallest building Burj Khalifa will be over-shadowed soon by a structure in Saudi Arabia. Due to less occupancy, the rental in Burj Khalifa has dropped 40%.
A notorious gang was busted by Dubai Anti Narcotic Cops who seized more than 23 kilogrms of heroin worth at least 4 million Dollars.
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