Rev. Eric

Rev. Eric
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I am a new writer who has written his first book called "Spirit Empowerment and Praying Within" - on Most of my writings will be spiritual - but some might be fiction/sci-fi..
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Marc Spandler, aka The Guardian, created a portal to go home and he had to make a decision. Meanwhile, many of the heroes and even villains were going up against The Devastator with no success. Several new heroes were on the scene doing relief efforts for anyone injured during the d...
Marc Spandler, aka The Guardian, has started his training of his powers at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning thanks to a recommendation from Mr. Fantastic. This is the home of Professor Charles Xavier and the X-Men. He's already showed him some of the uses of his powers, but ...
Karma is considered a "Cause and Effect" and a "what you weep is what you sow" A discussion of what Karma is and what it means for us. This was part of a discussion group I had several months back.
Marc Spandler had been struck by lightening and sent to a Universe where comic book characters actually exist. He has been testing new powers and decided to fly to catch up to the Fantastic Four's flying car. Unfortunately, his fear of heights got the best of him and now he is falli...
Is the Missile system that Israel uses from God? Does God then take sides?
Marc Spandler was hit by lightening and sent to another Universe where comic book characters are real. He awoke in a hospital bed and saw a couple of superheros outside while finding out that he was hovering himself.
You aren't just Discovering your Spirit power, you are finding out you had it all along!
What is Good and Evil and is it related to Light and Dark? When we talk of Light, we think Good. When we think of Dark we think of Evil. This was based on a discussion a while back.
Marc Spandler was hit by lightening and sent to another Universe where comic book characters are actually real.
Some say this world is an illusion or a 3D Hologram of sorts. Is it really?
Does reciting affirmations a good amount of your day, attract what you are affirming? What if it really doesn't. What can affirmations do?
So you think you have the Divine Within you? Do you then believe and feel you have the power of the Divine Within you? Most people do not know what that means and what our power might just be about!
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