Emily Smart

Emily Smart
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I am senior logistics specialist and my hobbies are traveling and cooking
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Learn something new about CRM and how to implement Gmail in it. Be more effective and successful.
Part of this popularity can be attributed to a constantly increasing number of business owners who have found in Gmail a cost-effective solution to their CRM problems
Hi everyone! Today, I would like to bring you a very interesting experience I had in Africa. This is the summary of the most interesting parts. Enjoy
I recently did a roadtrip in Europe, and my last stop was Rome, Italy. Sit and enjoy my notes from trip.
Hi! I don´t know, if anybody read my previous article about navigation for a car. In this short post I want to share with you, that I found out, that this GPS app is available also for smartphones (I don´t know if for all kinds but for my HTC surely) and even you can get the app und...
My experience after coming back from my recent trip in short article
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