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Retired Nursery teacher. Wife, mother & nana. Love travel, gardening, drinking coffee, eating cake. Of which I will be writing later.
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An optimist finds sadness is a difficult emotion .........
Saturday 27th February 2010. We are caught up in a tsunami scare. We were holidaying on Rarotonga in The Cook islands when we heard about the earthquake in Chile, little did we know that this catastrophe would affect us.
We have foolishly allowed ivy to climb up our trees, they are now in danger of dying and we are having great difficulty removing the awful stuff.
My husband and I both retired in the summer. At the time we were apprehensive. Would we drive each other mad being together all the time? Would we manage financially?
For years taking down the Xmas tree was horrendous, needles everywhere, not any more
I hate New Years Eve, but I love New year's day. Anyone share my view?
This year of austerity, some of my best presents have been home made.
4 days in a cold wintery Venice the best time to go
Hope the reality is as good as the dream, will Venice live up to my high expectations?
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