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Good day everyone! When I was a child, I really wanted to become a writer and I love reading books. I believe in freedom of expression through reading and writing.
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Breastfeeding is the most practical and easiest way of feeding a newly born child. Most of the advises from pediatricians is to breastfeed your child up to tow (2) years. Nowadays, we can see only few mothers in particular who are doing this and mostly, individuals from urban areas do...
This song became so familiar in the early 70's performed by singer-song writer Cat Stevens. whenever there is an event associated with fathers and sons, this song is usually the best choice. When I was in my high school days, it was not 70's of course, it was already in the 90's an...
Few days ago, I noticed that my right eye became itchy, teary, and then I thought something was inside it and blocking my eyesight. I washed my face with water and tried to avoid contact with my eye but it became worse the following day. I saw a small bump in the lower part of my eyel...
It's not really easy to build a perfect family. Often times we experience challenges, trouble, happiness, loneliness, differences and a lot more. Staying intact with each other depends on how each member support each other and face the challenges. At some point, we might feel neglecte...
Education is one of the best way to prevent and treat any kinds of ailments such as skin problems. Read carefully as it may be simple but really a serious issue.
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