David LeFever

David LeFever
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David LeFever is a freelance writer who has travelled around the globe to many off-beat places. He has encountered a multitude of difficult situations and had some amazing adventures overseas.
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A new strategy should be set forth to renovate the United States before it collapses from total dysfunction. In this article I offer some unique ideas that might halt the march to doom by the World's last remaining superpower.
Those unskilled immigrants who find themselves in the USA might have to start from scratch to get ahead if they do not have any family members or sponsors in the States. In the following article I offer some suggestions for these vulnerable people.
Amazon Mechanical Turk is an online site where I make money doing short human intelligence tasks. Mturk has a huge but largely unknown presence on the Internet where it is quite easy and fast for just about anybody to cycle through an endless supply of assignments.
Sex scandals are big media events in America, Famous married men who are discovered having affairs with young women from modest backgrounds are treated like villians by the press.
Best advice for you to shop at flea markets contained in this article. Learn how to become a champion bargain hunter. These are easy tips for the novice to follow.
You can easily use and repeat this method to earn extra income while you travel overseas. By following my examples you will have the knowledge to increase cash inflows to offset your travel costs.
Learn how you can teach English in exotic Cambodia without having formal credentials. In this way you will be able to extend your stay in Asia and make money too.
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