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I am a passionate "free time" writer hoping to develop stronger skills while sharing my work with others.
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When you're ready to move forward in life, minimal progress can seem too slow. When I wrote this, I was wanting to make a change, but events never seemed to align the way I wanted. Writing this reminded me that sometimes it's time to just take a step toward your goal instead of waitin...
Sometimes your heart seems unintentionally and irrevocably drawn to one who ultimately walks away...
I wrote this after reading All Quiet on the Western Front for the first time. It made me think about the horrors that soldiers experience in war. This is not an anti-war poem (nor is it pro-war). I simply tried to capture the change that one must go through when experiencing the reali...
A passionate love...always waiting for the next chance to be together
How music can infiltrate the body when playing an instrument...
A light-hearted poem I wrote based on a picture I saw. It was a cartoon of a small football player on the bottom of a pile after being tackled. His hand was outstretched, and in it was the football. It made me think of this story...
Sometimes a person can get so wrapped up in being someone else, that he forgets who he really is. We aim to please others and lose sight of ourselves.
An extended metaphor comparing falling in love to "riding" on a waterfall.
Even when you know ending a relationship is what you must do, it still can hurt.
A reminder that even in the sorrow of loss, there is joy in the memories.
Some people who bless your life with their presence are so special they can never be forgotten or replaced. This is a reminder to treasure each moment with those loved ones because one day you will be left with only sweet memories.
I wrote this after attending the funeral of a dear college friend some years ago. The day was extremely emotional, but somehow, the memory of my friend's bright smile was a comfort. I believe he was there to comfort all those who loved him in our grief. I will always remember that day...
Envy can taint our view of the world, marring our perspective and keeping us from enjoying our own lives.
A man remembers his wife on the anniversary of her death.
Sometimes a memory from childhood can be so vivid that it's almost as if you relive it every time you remember it. This is one of those memories for me.
The reality of love: there are mountains and valleys. In the end, sometimes you realize you can take the bad with the good and that can be "enough."
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