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Not currently using wiki as there are no ways to delete articles and although the moderators do all they can the actual chief needs to be around more often. Also there is no way to close down the acc
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Just popping by to say hello and add my forwarding addresses
Unemployment has hit many over the last two years so heres a little Ditty to make you agree, fight back or just plain old giggle.
How does the child deal with entering a new household and how do you adjust your lives to accommodate that child?
A short poem showing how strong my dad is and how much he has influenced my life.
Ever thought about publishing on Smashwords? Ever wondered what "formatting" was involved and if you could do it. Well I thought I would ease minds by letting you how I got on, in a new world of formatting.
With the internet expanding faster than our universe and so many ways to promote yourself. how can you protect your work
On Christmas Eve 2011 I set up bowls of popcorn, chips and dips and set up the coffee machine to last for the day. I took out the ready meals to defrost (for faster microwaving later) and then let myself drop into the sofa with my lovely man and he pressed the play button on the DVD p...
I have been wondering lately about the situation the world is in right now and it has caused me a little dismay as I look at all of the changes that have been made for the worst in various sectors.
Ok I think I am down to the last of the sage & onion so dont think I have any more ideas for this :D
Just another quick and easy meal you can make from the left over holiday season packets you wouldn't normally have in your cupboards or your freezer.
Some of you are here for the Community spirit, which is second to none here in wikinut. others are here to try and make a living as well as working elsewhere but how do you make writing online a success?
This is one of my favourite meals to cook at the weekends or when I get a day off through the week. It’s great for leaving alone to cook away with the occasional water adding and practically no dishes to do afterwards.
It has amazed me over the years and still does today. TheTitanic is one of the most famous ships in history and if I asked you what end it came to, you would know. If, however I asked you how it was built, would you know that?
A very short Love poem I wrote on a night so far away now but the words still hold and my heart is still true.
I was actually wondering what to have for Tea (dinner) when this recipe came to mind. I have not cooked this for a while so it made a nice change. It was as nice as I remembered :)
A new world opened up before me and now I spin around looking at open doors I never seen before in the dark.
Short poem about the path of life and being taken for granted in that path.
Short poem rooted in sorrow which helped me close the book on a certain aspect of my life.
A short poem entitled Fireworks & Bombs. My entry for a poetry challenge. I have no idea where this trip will take me so bear with me and I will try and make it a trip to remember.
As a casual Morpeg (Multi-online role) player, I have played several Morpegs over the last years. I was introduced to Morpegs about 6 years ago by my partner and have been hooked since. Star Wars, The Old Republic (SWTOR) has been my most recent adventure. Bioware have taken Morpe...
For eight teenagers life is about to change. Living on an island that has been cusrsed for an eternity takes its toll. For a certain group of young adults they are about to enter a new realm in which shadow and fear rule.
James Herbert, OBE, has over 39 years experience in the writing world. If you asked me what books he had written the first to come to mind would be "The Rats, Liar & Domain". He has ruled the British Horror genre from day one of his career and is still a number one best seller acros...
I read a lot of various Genres but for the purposes of this page I will stay as focused on the horror genre as possible. I will be reviewing books and the relevant movie if it was lucky enough to be transformed to movie.
Some short Poetry taken form different times in my life. Some are uplifting, some are reflections and some were penned only to help me get past something.
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