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Hi to planet Earth. I love writing on many subjects that ranging from health through to my fascination of the paranormal and other mysteries.
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Mingled with Scotland's fascinating and often bloody history are thousands of ghosts, spirits, ghouls, legends and myths. All these factors brought together make Scotland not only one of the most alluring, but one of the most haunted countries on Earth.
Everyone of us has at some time complained about the health service provided in our respective countries. However, spare a thought for people from the past. Literally some of the illnesses were far more bearable than most of the cures...
When you take medication, a pill or cough mixture how does it work? Where inside the body does it go? Why can some medications be harmful? We swallow millions of chemist and doctor prescribed medications every year but how many of us actually understand just what we are putting inside...
Places of worship they might be, but when it comes to paranormal activity churches are not spared the attention of spirits. In fact many churches in Britain can claim to be even more haunted than many of the traditional spooky sites such as castles and mansions...
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